August 26th, 2004

Monday, I explained that the cause of all mistakes is ignorance. Therefore, the only proper response to mistakes is: 1) analysis to determine what wasn’t known and who didn’t know it,  2) education of those making the mistake, and if others were injured, 3) restitution by those causing the injury. 

Sometimes I am asked, but what about really evil people? If ignorance is the cause of all mistakes, what was it that Hitler didn’t know?

What Hitler didn’t Know

Timothy Wilken, MD

Hitler didn’t know that, “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

Hitler didn’t know that his worst enemy on the Eastern front would be the Russian winter.

Hitler didn’t know that English mathematicians would break his most secret codes, allowing the allies to intercept and know his every plan.

Hitler didn’t know that American capitalism could make airplanes, tanks, and other weapons almost without limit.

Hitler did not know that his glorious “Thousand Year Reich” would last less than 10 years. He did not know that Nazi Germany would be totally defeated and forced to surrender unconditionally.  He did not know that 7,300,000 German citizens would die as a direct result of the war he started in 1939.

Hitler did not know that the cost of the war to the German Nation would exceed 282 billion dollars and bankrupt the country. Nor, that the German Nation would be divided in half and remain divided for fifty years.

Hitler did not know that within 5 years of starting the war, he would feel compelled to kill the only two living beings he loved–his mistress and his dog, and then commit suicide himself.

Hitler did not know that he would become the most despised and reviled human that ever lived.

How do I know that Hitler did not know these things?

Because if he had, he would never have gone to war. Hitler was ignorant, not stupid.


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