July 6th, 2010

There is much wisdom to be found on our planet. Today’s author shares a choice piece with us.

The Healer’s Prayer

Reverend Doctor Dia Lynn

During my Ordination of Ministers’ Ceremony on May 31, 2010,  I spoke of my long term-commitment to service as a healer, using the poem from The Course in Miracles as my guidance.

“I am here only to be truly helpful.

I am here to represent He Who sent me.

I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do
because He who sent me will direct me.

I am content to be wherever He wishes me to be knowing He goes there with me.

I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal.”

–ACIM p.28

“‘I AM” is a statement of who is doing the healing.

ONLY HERE” indicates having one’s consciousness completely here in the present without focus on the past (or the client’s past) or worry about the imagined future.

TO BEBeingness is a state of presence, receptivity, receptivity, a willingness or being available. It is different than doing or thinking. A healing modality may require some action but it is not the technique, machine or medicines that are creating the healing. The Course states that the body cannot heal, only the mind can correct error thoughts.

TRULY HELPFULTrue indicates surrender to God’s will, being dedicated, authentic and in integrity in the role of healer with client (a brother in Christ). Helpful is full with extending God’s love to others as God loves us, unconditionally, impersonally and not special.

I AM” is identifying the small self with the higher self – a state of being One with the name of God.

HERE TO REPRESENT” means here on Earth at this time to make my physical vehicle available as a communication device. Represent: God presented His essence to all of creation at the beginning of time. Now we are re-presenting God to our fellow man through this present time, body, mind, set of talents, strengths, love and service.

HE WHO SENT ME” He refers to the Holy Spirit which is God’s communication to our right minds. Sent implies a soul’s contract to bring forth certain offerings, learning, qualities of heart. It is having a mission statement or calling as in a minister’s charge to serve. Me is the individual aspect of the entirety of Oneness. It is not the Egoic small “me” with its hidden agendas.

I DO NOT HAVE TO WORRY” We need to understand and know that all has been provided. We are always guided and protected. Worry is an unenlightened use of mind, which refers to the past for lessons, and projects information or fantasies into a future, which may be worse than the present. Worry is not true or necessary. We are to live in faith and gratitude and be receptive to our good.

ABOUT WHAT TO SAY” If my thoughts are not my thoughts, then they are coming from ideas in the mind of God, or the voice for the Ego. My words then are also expressions of Divinity or Ego, using my vocal cords to speak their will. My words are not “my” words if I am in right-mindedness. Then they are Holy Spirit’s guidance, in which case they will bless and unify. When “my” words come from Ego mind they will be used to judge, blame and separate, hurting others and therefore myself.

OR WHAT TO DO” There is actually no doing of anything unless Spirit first animates the will and body to express something. The body has no volition of itself. When Spirit vacates body there is no more doing. The ego tricks us into thinking the small “I” is the doer, which keeps us trapped in the illusion of identification with a separate body in a world of separate forms.

BECAUSE HE WHO SENT ME WILL DIRECT ME” The reason we do not have to worry, plan or do is that the Divine Director is He who is in charge of the master plan for creation’s evolution is still directing the course of our lives. To the extent we become quiet and ask and listen for guidance, we are able to here the will of God ― delivered to our right-mind by the Holy Spirit. Inner listening and spiritual guidance are one purpose of meditating daily.

I AM CONTENT” refers to the peaceful presence in the eternal now. The awakened state is fully aware that this is all there is. So there is nothing to fear or worry about. God is here, now, and it is peace and love.

TO BE WHEREVER HE WISHES ME TO BE” Moment to moment, if I am surrendered, open to guidance, listening to the voice of right-mind (Holy Spirit) and not to wrongmind (Ego) I will be moved to the right place and circumstances, with the right people, for the service or lesson that needs to happen.

KNOWING HE GOES THERE Knowing is faith, assurance, and certainty at any moment. He is God’s will expressed through Holy Spirit. Goes means a constant moveable state you follow, or that leads your journey through life. There is not a static/future/distant place, like a Heaven you might get into some day.

WITH MEWith me indicates never separated from the One. It is omnipresent and always exists wherever I am. He is the originator of “my” thoughts, ruler of “my” mind and creates, maintains or destroys “my” body. He is the intelligence behind of the process of the life I am experiencing.

I WILL BE HEALED” Not I will as in the future, but I will the healing, the wholeness, the Atonement from separation beliefs. “All healing is essentially the release from fear”

AS I LET HIM” The small I asks, invites, surrenders control and lets him, God, through Holy Spirit, work through me as a channel.

TEACH ME TO HEAL” The entire Course is a teaching about healing the split (insane) mind from its tiny mad idea of separation. The replacement of Ego’s fear-based agenda, instead of God’s kingdom of heavenly bliss, is the disease of the mind, and the source of conflict in our world. Forgiving our mis-perception of beliefs in sin and guilt creates a mind at peace and in love. That consciousness can be extended to our brothers (sons of God) and we love as God loves (unconditionally) and heal as God heals (removal of obstacles to peace.)

And so it is. Amen.

Reverend Doctor Dia Lynn maintains a private practice in Monterey, California, using Bodywork, Breathwork, Medical QiGong energy healing, Aromatherapy and Spiritual Mind Counseling/Treatment and is a Hospice chaplain.

Her website cab be viewed here: www.Equilibrium-Bodywork.com Or, write her at: dia@dialynn.com

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