May 14th, 2009

Recently my studies have led me to look at a some writings (1880 to 1905) described collectively as the Divine Science. In part, they teach:

Divine Science is based on the changeless truth that God constitutes the nature of all being and that God fills the invisible and visible realms of existence. This truth has never changed. All truth is as available to humanity now just as it was available to Moses, Elijah and Jesus. Nothing a person does or fails to do will ever separate him or her from the Source out of which we are created. Paul reminds us, “in God we live, and move and have our being.”

True prayer is not begging for more wisdom, more supply, or more good. Infinite, all-embracing Being cannot give us more than Itself. In sharing Itself with us It has given us all that we can possibly need. Our part is to accept.

Divine Science teaches that the fullness of Spirit is forever pouring Itself through the mind of man, limited only by the way a person thinks and feels about life in general and about certain conditions and situations in particular. Therefore, all change begins as an activity in mind and through the law of cause and effect mind manifests as a personal experience.

The physical evidence of any teaching lies not in the authority or history of an organization, but in the ability of an individual to prove the teaching. And so it is that Divine Science is recognized as a teaching which is rooted not in hierarchy but in the demonstration of the principles of Divine Science through a person’s life and works.

The foundation truth of Divine Science is that limitless Being, God [GOOD], is equally present everywhere and is the ALL of everything. God is pure Spirit, absolute, changeless, eternal, manifesting in all creation. God is everywhere, therefore God is here. What God is, is everywhere, therefore what God is, is here. The logical conclusion is that there can be no other presence than God-presence; no other power than God-power; no other knowledge than God-knowledge. …

If GOOD is omnipresent, what becomes of evil? What happens to the darkness which fills a room when the light is turned on? The darkness does not move out and go somewhere else, it simply does not exist in the presence of light. Darkness is not a reality, it is merely the absence of light. In the same way when the individual thought is centered upon the omnipresence of good, evil thought does not move out and continue to exist elsewhere; it simply becomes nonexistent. Evil has no reality within itself; it can have existence only so long as an individual supports it by his belief in it. …

Divine Science is called a science because it can be learned and applied in our lives with sure results that can be duplicated by anyone who is willing to apply these laws. … Divine Science acknowledges every advance in the world of natural science, art, and religion, as the further expansion of God-consciousness in man.

It was a pleasant surprise to see that these 19th century thinkers realized that science and religion must be ONE — must be unified. I think they would have had no problems accepting today’s ever growing knowledge and technology. As long as that knowledge and technology, was used to service GOOD. This brings me to the final quote from Divine Science:

There is no unity without equality. The Infinity and Omnipresence of Being, its action and result, comprising the one self-existing ALL, includes the unity and equality of man within itself. Or, as Jesus of Nazareth said, “I and my Father are one.”

Synergic Equality

Timothy Wilken, MD

All members of a synergic heterarchy are equal. By equal, I mean equal in responsibility and authority. They share equal responsibility for the actions chosen by the group. They share equal authority in the process of choosing those actions. When individuals work together in synergic relationship to a accomplish a common goal. They are considered as a single system.

When individuals work together in synergic relationship, new abilities, skills, talents, etc., emerge as a part of that relationship, that are not there when the individuals work separately. The individuals working in synergic group are more efficient, more productive, more creative, and more intelligent, than they are when working separately. The result of their synergy is that they create “more” together than they could create apart.

When individuals work together in synergic relationship, they equally contribute to the synergic emergents, and will share equally in the Co-Operators’ surplus.

What happens in a synergic group when finding a win is impossible?

Synergic science realizes and accepts there will be times and situations where loss is unavoidable. When this occurs synergic mechanism dictates that the group accept reality and focus on minimizing the loss, and then share the loss equally. In synergy, we are one. In synergy are equal. In synergy we strive to win together. But if we are forced to lose, then we will lose together – this means we will share equally in the loss.

1) In synergy, I am ONE with my associates.

2) In synergy, I am MORE with my associates than by myself.

3) In synergy, I am EQUAL to all my associates.

4) In synergy when we WIN, I will win MORE with my associates than by myself and I will share equally in the GAINS.

5) In synergy, when we LOSE, I will lose LESS with my associates than by myself and I will share equally in the LOSSES.

6) In synergy, we will win together or lose together, but we are TOGETHER.

Embracing the Principle of Synergic Equality is essential to successfully using the community tools of: Ortegrity, Sociocracy, and GIFTegrity.

Google Divine Science.

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