April 9th, 2009

In the study of Religious Science, you learn a powerful form of affirmative prayer called TREATMENT.

All Gifts are Self-Gifts

Timothy Wilken, MD

ALL is ONE — ONE is ALL. Reality is whole — both physical and metaphysical. Reality is UNITY — both recognized and unrecognized — One God — One Spirit — One Consciousness. ALL is ONE — ONE is ALL.

I am the Individualization of that Oneness. Right Here, Right Now. Consciousness in me, as me, is me. Spirit in me, as me, is me. God in me, as me, is me.

I am awake now and know who I am. I am awake now and know who you are. We are the same. I am you and you are me. I am self and I am other. I am one and I am all. I am me and I am you.

When I help you, I help myself. All Help is self-help.
When I protect you, I protect myself. All protection is self-protection.
When I forgive you, I forgive myself. All forgiveness is self-forgiveness.
When I love you, I love myself. All love is self-love.

And, so I help you always, protect you always, forgive you always, and love you always.

All gifts are self-gifts. We are ONE. All gifts to you are also gifts to me.

For this truth, I am deeply grateful. I accept our oneness as true and valid. I accept our unity as here and now. I accept our wholeness as natural and necessary.

And, so it is. …


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