February 17th, 2002

Today, I received a note of comment from a reader on More Than the Sum of the Parts. He goes on to comment on the GAIA dialogues which have attracted a lot of interest this week.


For the longest time I wondered how it was possible for the greatest minds of this world to create their theories without the knowledge that was necessary for them to put the pieces together, thereby creating a final whole. Finally I simply listened to their explanation of how they did it and realized that for them the finished product came first, and then they disassembled it to create the component pieces.

We think of an equation where the answer is known only after it is mathematically calculated; but for them they knew the answer first and have to work it backwards to complete the equation. We think 1+1=2

They know the answer first so 2=1+1 There is an external intelligence that reviled its understanding to them as a way to help the evolutionary process, necessary now because of the dangers to the survival of human civilization.

— — — 

You believe that very intelligent aware humans created GAIA and it is getting stronger.

Not quite. I think humans have an important role to play in GAIA, but they did not create her. I see GAIA as a synergic emergent from LIFE on planet earth. I think her beginnings are very old. LIFE itself is 3.5 billion years old.

The Synergic Principle of  “The Whole is More Than the sum of the Parts” explains:

From the study of light, we wouldn’t predict atoms. From the study of  atoms, we wouldn’t predict molecules. From the study of molecules, we wouldn’t predict plants. From the study of plants we wouldn’t have predicted animals. From the study of plants, we wouldn’t have predicted humans. And from the study of humans, we wouldn’t have predicted GAIA.

I see GAIA as a unitary organism in which all of Nature’s parts form a new whole. Maybe it has always been Nature’s intention to create GAIA. We humans suffer from thinking we are the end point of biological evolution. Perhaps we are only the endpoint for the formation of the Central Nervous System for a larger organism of which we are a part.  —Timothy

I believe that it is billions of years old, pre-dates the earth, and appears to be more active now because we have evolved to better communicate with it.

Your writing is most interesting.


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