February 11th, 2002

In the last two parts of this article, I have talked about learning to “could” on each other. Now I would like to “could” on my readers. I will start by revealing an important secret.

My World of  “Ought to Be”

Timothy Wilken, MD

In the last two days I have talked about learning to “could” on each other. Now I would like to “could” on my readers. I will start by revealing an important secret.

If you want to help make a world that works for all humanity, you must know this secret. It is the secret of making wholes — the secret of oneness.  You must live from the point of view of the whole.  You must identify with the whole. If you take care of the whole, the whole will take care of you.

The following analogy may help you understand.  Think a moment of how our brain functions — the neurons of our human brain focus entirely on the needs of the whole body, and in turn discover the whole body takes care of them.  They have no concerns and give no attention to maintaining their own temperature, to acquiring their own nutrition, to oxygenating themselves, or even in protecting themselves from bacteria or virus.

The neurons place their trust in survival of the whole.  By making decisions which keep the body healthy and safe, they  insure the body is capable of meeting all the needs of the neurons.  By serving the whole the neurons find themselves served.

I have taught that humanity is evolving. We evolved from the animals. Animals are space-binders. Their lives are dominated by adversity. Early humans lives were dominated by adversity. Humans who commit to adversity could be called Adversans. I explained to escape the Adversary world, humans invented Captitalism and the Great Market. This is a Neutral mechanism. Humans who commit to Capitalism and the Market could be called Neutrans. I have explained that if humanity is to have a future that we must give up the hurting of Adversity — give up the ignoring of Neutrality, and embrace the helping of Synergy. Humans who commit to Synergy could be called Synergans.

Now imagine that the Earth including all of life is a single organism — GAIA.  Further imagine the entire humans species  —  all of humanity — organized in a single organizational tensegrity. This evolved form of humanity could be called Synerganity.  Synerganity then could be the brain of GAIA.  Each human being functioning as a neuron within GAIA’s brain.

Synerganity will care for GAIA — care for all of Earth.  We humans could function as neurons.  We could care for the whole and discover ourselves to be cared for as a part of  Gaia.  Synergan will meet all the needs of the individual humans within it.  Just as our brain meets the needs of all the forty trillion cells contained in our bodies.

Synerganity structured as a organizational tensegrity could create an optimum environment to maximze individual meaning for all humans on earth. If we serve synerganity, synerganity will serve us. I believe this is what Jesus meant when he taught us to serve God and all  our needs would be met. Fuller knew this intuitively — he discovered the more humans he served the more important was his life. The only time he could’t meet his individual needs was when he focused on trying to meet them.

When a human begins to think as a synergan, then GAIA’s brain grows.  The more intelligent GAIA is, the more likely she will survive.

Thinking as a synergan is a state of mind — to begin we stop thinking about meeting our needs separately.  We stop adapting from our own individual point of view. Instead, we think wholistically — how can I help synerganity meet my needs. My needs are a subset of synerganity’s needs.  We stop thinking about accomplishing our individual goals separately, instead how can synerganity accomplish its goals which include the subset of my goals.

When I am a synergan, I think about meeting all Synerganity’s needs — which include my own individual needs, and my own individual survival. When I am a synergan, I think about meeting Synerganity’s goals — which include my individual goals.

Then the first and most important step on the critical path for human survival is for all of us to increase our awareness. 

AWARENESS   =   Who I Know on Earth 
                               All Living on Earth

As a synergan, I decide with an awareness of the needs and goals of all of humanity.  There is no place for neutral in a synergic Earth.  To be unaware is to conflict by accident and redundancy.

Only by examing all points of view can I choose the action that promotes the most and hinders none — only by stabilizing our whole species can I hope to protect my family.  As Arthur Coulter teaches I must choose SYNERGY.

This then is FIRST TASK — I must learn to think as a synergan.  I must stretch my skin around the entire earth.  I must extend my senses to monitor all my fellow cells.  I must develop empathy for all of humanity.

With increasing awareness we will be able to self-organize much more effectively — to synergize much more powerfully.

We all have  our own individual awareness — each awareness is unique and different from any other awareness on the planet.  From whatever point of awareness we begin each of us can transcend ourselves and choose to become even more aware of the whole … the whole species.

As a synergan, I view life from the point of view of all.  My awareness is ONE.  I make my decisions with an awarenss of the goals and needs of all humans.  I need not know the detail’s of every human’s life to know every human’s needs.  I need not know everyone’s story to know what environments have potential for everyone’s meaning.  An awareness of ONE is more a qualitative change than a quanitative one.  It is a new point of view.

Choose to think as a synergan.  Think of yourself inside synerganity.  Meet your needs as a subset of synerganity’s needs.  Serve the whole and the whole will take care of you.

This is the secret of making wholes — the secret of oneness.  If you take care of the whole, the whole will take care of you.   If we serve synerganity well, we will find ourselves alive and well safe inside of synerganity. The world’s problems today are much larger than any single one of us.  But to synerganity, these problems will seem like nothing. No more than a few months work.  Then our future will truely be unlimited.  The stars will indeed be ours.

We now have a solution — the Organizational Tensegrity is a pattern we could use to become synerganity.  The binding is the win-win relationship.  Decision is made in Heterarchy with synergic consensus as first principle.  No one is coerced.  All losses are synergically vetoed.  Action occurs in Hierarchy  negotiated by all, here again we all win.

We could make the world better. We could work together. We could love each other. Are you ready to join the Synergic Evolution? All you have to do is change your mind

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